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Insurance Reinstatement

Many insurers will require a valuation of the cost to rebuild your property in the tragic event that it is destroyed by fire or other disaster. This is often referred to as a Fire Reinstatement Valuation.

The valuation process involves a visit to site by our surveyors to measure the size of your premises and record its construction and any special features. Using this data we can then calculate the cost to re-build the property thus ensuring that you have adequate cover.

If you have insufficient cover your insurance company will not fund the full cost of rebuilding your premises. Equally if you are over-insured you will be paying too much for your building insurance.

Whilst most modern insurance policies will index link the initial valuation it presents best practice to re-value your property every 3–5 years.

If you are concerned about your level of cover please contact us. Our team offers a professional, efficient service in full accordance with RICS guidance for individual properties or whole portfolios.

We complete Insurance Valuations of both residential and commercial properties as part of our Survey service and can also complete valutions of portfolios of properties as a bespoke service.


Unfortunately when a marriage breaks down, it is often necessary to arrive at a financial settlement between the two parties. Usually, the matrimonial home is the major or very significant asset and often one or other of the parties wishes to remain in the property. This means that its value has to be agreed.

A valuation for matrimonial purposes aims to provide a Market Valuation, which can be used to decide how joint property assets are divided between parties involved in divorce proceedings.

We can carry out valuations for either party to ensure that an equitable solution is arrived at. Alternately we can carry out an independent valuation for mediators or the Court, as we are often asked to do.

Inheritance Tax and Probate

Inheritance Tax is the tax that is paid on your 'estate'. Broadly speaking this is everything you own at the time of your death, less what you owe. Assets include things like property, possessions, money and investments.

Property is one of the biggest assets that needs correct valuing for inheritance tax purposes, especially as many properties may take an 'estate' over the inheritance tax threshold. This valuation must accurately reflect what the assets would reasonably fetch in the open market at the date of death.

Even if a property is not going to be sold by the beneficiaries, it is necessary to submit to the Inland Revenue the value as at the date of death in order to obtain grant of Probate.

Abode Surveyors Limited undertake valuations on behalf of the nominated estate representative, ensuring that the process is completed correctly and that the Inland Revenue is satisfied that the estate has been managed and reported on correctly.