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Homebuyer Report

This is a budget, simplified version of a building survey and we use a standard format published by The Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors. It is suitable for houses and flats built from early 20th Century to date and either of standard or simple construction. Unlike the full building survey, this service also includes a valuation and a fire insurance reinstatement cost valuation. It gives basic information about the condition of the property but contains no costing or detailed recommendations with regard to repair.

We are now able to to provide the new Homebuyer Report service as endorsed by and under licence with the RICS. This new Homebuyer format remains informative regarding essential findings, identifying any risks and hazards of the the property. However it is now easier to read and understand, each area in the report is “condition rated” by colour coded numbers depending on the state of repair and whether repairs are necessary.

Other benefits of this new report include the provision of an Energy Performance Rating and the facility to email the report directly to the client ensuring a fast turnaround. more>