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Can the report include my questions or concerns with the property ?
Yes. Although by its very nature the fixed Homebuyer Report has limited space to discuss extra issues, the bespoke Full Structural Survey (Building Survey) can include every query you have, from concerns about roof leaks to plans for a loft conversion.
How do I pay for the survey ?
Our letter confirming your survey instructions has details. You have the choice of sending a cheque or paying by Internet / telephone banking (Regrettably, we do not take credit/debit cards).
How quickly can I have my report ?
We make every effort to inspect the property as quickly as possible, usually within a couple of days of receiving the confirmation of instructions. The written report is then dispatched by email (and post) 2 to 4 business days later. If there are any major issues we will call you to discuss them before this.
I have a further question
We would, of course, be very happy to answer any further query you may have about our surveys. Please call us or use our Contact Us Form.
What parts of the property are not inspected ?
Although we make every effort to inspect as much of the property as possible, there are inevitably practical limitations on what can be seen without taking up floors, making holes in ceilings, or otherwise damaging the property. As a result, our reports are based on a visual inspection of the uncovered areas. Additionally, as with all UK surveyors, the services (heating, plumbing, electrics, etc) are not tested, although a visual inspection often determines whether a qualified heating engineer or electrician’s report is needed.